As part of the international coral reef initiative, The GCRMN has three primary objectives:
Strengthen scientific understanding of the status and trends of coral reef ecosystems at different places around the world and to support the International Coral Reef Initiative
Strengthen communication among GCRMN members of the network and provide information on network activities, identify opportunities to participate in regional and global reporting, share information on relevant meetings and involve GCRMN members in future monitoring (including biophysical monitoring and new opportunities to routinely integrate this information with social, economic and environmental data), and assist Network members in the identification of potential opportunities for financial support.
Make coral reef monitoring data publicly available in a timely fashion


GCRMN Networks

map of GCRMN global networks Hawaiian Islands & U.S. Pacific Islands Caribbean (Northern) & Atlantic Mesoamerica Tropical Eastern Pacific Brazil Eastern Africa South Africa Southwest Indian Ocean South Asia North & East Asia North & East Asia Southeast Asia Micronesia Papua New Guinea Australia Southwest Pacific Southeast & Central Pacific (Polynesia Mana)

Status & Trends

The Status and Trends of coral reefs report for the Tropical Americas region is planned for the first quarter of 2013.

Quantitative Data

Next stop for quantitative data compilation: Australia and Melanesia